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The Poet

Patricia Wood is a self-published author and creator of DareToListen Poetry and Poetic Apparel. Her work is created for others who do not have the courage to express themselves. As an entrepreneur in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she has designed and created DareToListen from the ground up, on her own and branched out all over social media platforms. Her poetry is not categorized in one specific type of area, as she has branched out into various forms of rhyme, free verse and even lyrical poetry, she identifies herself as a voice for others. Feeding off of inspiration from various avenues to transform her words for others to read, hear and even relate to personally.


Not only is she a hard working independent business woman, she is now known as the curator of DTL Poetic Vibez. This new found showcase and open mic atmosphere has made it's way to DTL. Forming an amazing team, she has brought a platform other poets can join to express themselves. 

She has created six official DTL Poetry Volumes and is continuing the series. In cooperation with her written work, she has developed a fashion line for both men and women known as DTL Poetic Apparel. The line expresses her poetry through fashion so that not only is her work read or heard, but it is seen out in the open to the public eye. 

Patricia has also added film into her Poetry venture. She has developed a vision unlike any other in hopes to shed visual perspectives on Poetry. You have heard poetry, but have you seen it?

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